Landeskonservator Eduard Hütter (1880–1967)…

Andrea Kopranovic, Landeskonservator Eduard Hütter (1880–1967). Schwerpunkte der Salzburger Denkmalpflege zwischen 1913 und 1945, in: Österreichische Zeitschrift für Kunst und Denkmalpflege (ÖZKD) 2016, Heft 1/2, S. 218-231

Eduard Hütter (1880–1967), trained as an architect in Vienna around 1900 by Max von Ferstel and the like, was the leading monument conservator for the cultural heritage department in Salzburg from 1913 to 1945. This article explores some of his tasks and projects during this period, beginning with a brief introduction setting out his professional biographical details. The next section, concentrating on the disposal of art objects, the constructional transformation of the landmarked building fabric, the creation of war memorials and the rescue of cultural assets, emphasizes two major projects of the 1920s: The establishment of an art gallery on the third floor of the Residency and the very first construction of an interim solution for Salzburg Festival performances.

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