das weisse haus | reading circle 05 – A room of one’s own

In preparation of her exhibition “New Home for Horses, Cats and Canaries” curator Malou Solfjeld has initiated a reading circle. The reading continues…now virtually:

“In ‘A room of one’s own’: Kapitel 1 (chapter 1) learning how to live and become plan(e)t’ we ask the question of where all the birds go to die? Additionally, we question the difference between caring for and caring about, to pay a tribute to all the minor, like leaf bugs in the aftermath of Chernobyl, and concurrently to honor all the professions who are right now taking care of others, putting their own wellbeing at risk. In discussing how to live, about 100 years ago, whether one should have a room of one’s own, or come together, to eat (and read), at a shared dining table in the living room, we learn that exactly this way of togetherness may certainly cause a revolution!” – Malou Solfjeld

Andrea Kopranovic reads (from 14:08 min) passages from the text “Learning How to Live” by Adolf Loos.

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