Über das Neue

Über das Neue. Wiener Szenen und darüber hinaus | On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond, Belvedere 21, Vienna, April 7, 2023 – January 14, 2024

© Beton

What is going on in local art scenes, studios, and alternative exhibition spaces? And how can one exhibition capture the diversity of the production and presentation of art?

Belvedere 21 already explored these questions with the 2019 show On the New. Young Scenes in Vienna, developing a dynamic, collaborative format that involved multiple contributors and a shared curatorial authorship. In addition to presenting eighteen individual artistic positions, twelve Viennese project spaces hosted rotating exhibitions within the show, each kicked off with a ‘midissage’ (midway opening) complemented by discursive events and performances.

In 2023, On the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond picks up this thread and expands on the original concept. In order to provide a broader view of contemporary approaches, strategies, and discourses, the survey now also includes artists and project spaces from other parts of Austria. In an expanded dynamic, the show presents fourty-four artistic positions and twenty-four exhibitions within the exhibition—curated by individual project spaces—and thus offers fresh perspectives on what art can be today, on its themes, aesthetics, and forms of expression, and how it is perceived.

This polyphonic tracing of the “new”–despite the ambivalence this term and its function imply especially in contemporary art–presents no grand overview, but rather an image of a growing entity without beginning or end, in perpetual flux.

Curatorial team: Christiane Erharter, Andrea Kopranovic, Ana Petrović, Claudia Slanar, Luisa Ziaja
Exhibition graphics: Beton
Exhibition architecture: AKT

Part 1: April 6 – July 2, 2023

With works by: Francesca Aldegani, Ana de Almeida, Minda Andrén, Olivia Coeln, Gabriele Edlbauer + Julia S. Goodman, Julia Haugeneder, Flora Hauser, Hannahlisa Kunyik, Guilherme Maggessi und Rafał Morusiewicz, Lydia Nsiah, Evelyn Plaschg, Heti Prack, Anna Spanlang, Hui Ye, Julia Zastava

Exhibitions within the exhibition curated by: Edition:, hinterland, Kunstverein Gartenhaus, Memphis, philomena+, prolet.AIR, Queer Museum Vienna, school

Part 2: July 13 – October 15, 2023

With works by: Brishty Khatun Alam, Diana Barbosa Gil, Sarah Bechter, Anna Bochkova, Daniel Ferstl, Sara Ghalandari, Sophie Gogl, Jojo Gronostay, Christina Gruber, Gašper Kunšič, Irina Lotarevich, Miriam Stoney, Chin Tsao, Nazım Ünal Yılmaz, Julija Zaharijević

Exhibitions within the exhibition curated by: DESSOUS, Kulturdrogerie, Laurenz, Magazin. space for contemporary architecture, periscope, Pinacoteca, Stiege13, WAF

Part 3: October 25, 2023 – January 14, 2024

With works by: Julia Belova, Ting-Jung Chen, mirabella paidamwoyo* dziruni, Charlotte Gash, Natalia Gurova, Marc Henry, Magdalena Kreinecker, Simon Lehner, Juliana Lindenhofer, Viktoria Schmid, Siggi Sekira, Laurence Sturla, Huda Takriti, Marianne Vlaschits

Exhibitions within the exhibition curated by: bb15, EFES 42, Entre, Hoast, Kluckyland, toZOMIA, Size Matters